H.265 Multi-channel IP Video Transmitter SFGT-TX265

Ⅰ.Product Introduction

SFGT-TX265 is our new design COFDM multi-functional wireless transmission system. It supports four-channel simplex IP video transmission (UDP protocol), together with HDMI, HD-SDI, and CVBS video input interface, and one-way data TTL protocol serial port.

The SFGT-TX265 IP video transmitter adopts the most efficient and innovative H.265 compression coding, which highly improves the coding process efficiency, image quality, algorithm optimization, and error rate, and largely reduce the coding delay.

Depending on its compact design, small size and high efficient transmission, the SFGT-TX265 wireless video transmitter is perfect for drone long range video data downlink communication, UGV(unmanned ground vehicle) and body-worn NLOS(non line of sight) wireless video data transmission.

The SFGT-TX265 Ethernet transmitter works with the special receiver(SFGT-RX265) as a pair to complete the microwave wireless signal communication. The SFGT-TX265 has Etherenet, HDMI, BNC video output, and data serial ports to match the transmitter.

Ⅱ.Product Features

1. H.265 Full HD 1080p compression encoding;

2. Triple video interfaces, HDMI/SDI/CVBS;

3. COFDM ultra narrow band modulation technology;

4. Adaptive multi-video format input;
5. Simplex 4 Ethernet interfaces, support 4 channel ip video streaming
6. One-way data TTL protocol downlink
7. Compact design & small size for drone/UAV, UGV, body worn mission


Ⅲ.Product Parameters

Model SFGT-TX265
Working Voltage DC 6~17V
Working Current 700mA_12V/8.5W
Video Input SDI, HDMI, CVBS
UATR Interface Transparent TTL serial port one way data transmission
LAN Port 4 Pieces UDP port
Transmission Rage 30Mbits/S_RJ45 & 115200bps_RS232
Working Bandwidth 1/2/4/8M
RF Frequency 300MHz~2500MHz,(customized)stepping 1MHz
Encryption AES128
FEC 1/2、2/3、3/4、5/6、7/8
Guard Interval 1/32、1/16、1/8、1/4
Video Compression H.265
Modulation COFDM、QPSK、QAM16, QAM64
Antenna Interface SMA
Parameter Setting Through an external control panel
Dimension 170mm*60mm*40mm
Weight About 460g

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Receiver

FDD IP Transceiver


OEM Board

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Transmitter

COFDM Transmitter