Mobile video wireless communication



1W Mini COFDM Transmitter SG-HDS1000A25W HD COFDM Transmitter SG-HD25WRugged digital video Transmitter for Manpack SG-R5000


COFDM-FDD 2W UAV/Robot Ethernet Radios SG-FDD2WCOFDM-FDD 5W Manpack Ethernet transceiver SG-FDD5W
20W COFDM-FDD Radio for Vehicle/Vessel


Tactical Wireless COFDM IP MESH Networking RadioTactical Wireless COFDM IP MESH Networking Radio

Multicast network Mesh Video and data COFDM Mesh Node   SG-MS1400NLOS Micro Mobile IP MESH SG-MESH-1


Robust mobile communication Mobile MESH

network topology Tactical long range HD video/data link

Welcome to SAFE GUARD

SAFE GUARD was founded in 1999, which is a leading global technology manufacturer specializing in wireless microwave video and data communication system for government, law enforcement, military, defense, UAV/UGV and broadcast markets, etc..

We have strong production and R&D groups. Our backbone in researching and production is from the previous state-run 806 plants and 54 Institute. Over the 19 years, SAFE GUARD has been devoting itself to designing and developing digital video audio wireless systems in mobile. Nowadays, SAFE GUARD has built up a mature COFDM

product line, mainly including standard COFDM wireless transmitter & receiver, TDD-COFDM full duplex Ethernet transceiver, COFDM IP MESH, and the latest technology FDD-COFDM wireless Dual frequencies Network Transceiver. Moreover, we offer customized solutions and services for clients to any kinds of wireless transmissions they need--simplex, duplex, or mesh network.

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Working time: Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m -18:00 p.m. (China time)

Swift Code: SPDBCNSH030

Beneciary Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shenzhen Branch

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A/C: 79100078814700000238

Beneciary: Shenzhen Safe Guard Co., Limited

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