SHENZHEN SAFE GUARD CO., LTD, branded SFGT, was founded in 1999 which is a leading global technology company specializing in advance RF wireless communications to the broadcast, public surveillance and defense industries. We have gained the national military certification & qualification of Weapon Equipment Research and Production Unit, in the name of our new company, Shenzhen Beifang Beidou Co., Ltd.
SFGT is dedicated to developing the high level wireless mobile video surveillance system for application of Law enforcement and military, government, R/C helicopter, ECCM, Radar, satellite, agriculture industry and commercial such as photography and videography. We have a strong technical and R&D capabilities, produce research and production backbone from the state-owned CETC(China Electronics Technology Group Corporation) and 54 Institute.
Last for 21 years, SFGT continually concentrates on researching and innovating in the wireless high speed mobile video data transmission industry based in LOS/NLOS environments, including airborne, vehicle, vessel and soldier man-pack areas. COFDM transmitter receiver, FDD IP transceiver, and IP MESH are our demonstrable wireless systems. All the products must be in very strict quality management by using US original (HP) spectrum analyzer and Germany (Rohde & Schwarz) Network Analyzer.
Our products have been exporting to more than 32 countries, especially to Middle-East, Europe, South Africa, Asia areas. Free customization service are offered to fit for different applications. Your support and feedback are our motivation”. We aim to provide our users worldwide exclusive advanced wireless transmission system.