On Site Test in 501 Military Exercise Base

With the rapid development of science and technology, traditional radio systems can no longer meet the requirements of non-line-of-sight long-distance transmission, big data throughput and high stability required for modern military operations.  In the special operational geographical environment such as in high altitude and plateau area, the climate is seriously changeable, which poses a greater challenge to the adaptability and stability of communication equipment.  
The wireless vehicle-mounted bidirectional audio and video transmission system and wireless IP MESH communication system developed by Shenzhen Safe Guard Co., Ltd. are widely used in field troops, emergency rescue, security and public security systems, which can effectively meet the capacity, range and reliability of data and high bandwidth video transmission.  
In 2021, in accordance with the requirements of the Army Equipment Development Department in Beijing, China, we get the approval of field tests in the 501 Military Exercise Base.  Our RF engineers and hardware engineers carrying communications equipment and other related colleagues left from Shenzhen on July 22, 2021 and arrived in golmud city to Guo Le carpenter west beach near the town of field test, the test site via kunlun mountains, Yufeng snow mountain, Kekexili, the altitude is 2700 m ~ 4900 m, which also covers plains, mountains, deserts and plateau gobi . The two-week test was carried out in an extreme high-altitude environment where the temperature is extremely difference between day and night,meanwhile the whole process of high cold and high temperature is unpredictable.  
Test time: July 24, 2021 to August 7, 2021  
Test product: SFGT IP MESH series, SFGT FDD series
Test location: 501 Military Exercise Base, Xidatan, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,CN

Test environment:  
1) Altitude: 2700-4900 m  
2) Temperature: 6-27 degrees Celsius continental plateau climate  
3) Geomorphology: Belongs to the Kunlun Mountain region
4) Test distance: small aera networking 8km

1. Monitor the test environment


2. Select the test location and set up the test devices

3. Test route

4. Field test video return effect drawing 

This test is an important exploration to improve the future military communication equipment can achieve unprecedented performance indexes under all kinds of complex and stringent communication conditions that may affect the emergency communication mission. Our equipments can easily withstand the shock of being in a tank, and still work very well with the huge change of temperature. The test results have important reference value for the key technology of wireless transmission system equipment update and iteration.