Shenzhen Safe Guard(SFGT)  did an on site test of its FDD IP transceiver/radio and IP MESH products on Jan. 2021.

Test device
Handheld IP MESH*2
20W RF power
From ground to building

1W RF power
From ground to building

Equiped antenna
9.8dBi Omni FRP antennas*2
12dBi Yagi antennas*2
5dBi Omni whip antennas*2

20km LOS high quality video stream
13km voice data communication
Topology mesh networking

First test---FDD IP Transceiver/Radio SG-FDD20W

It easily achieved 20km range with 9.5dBi Omni FRP antennas. FDD IP transceiver is a full duplex radio for video and data. It has 2 Ethernet/RJ45 ports and 1 TTL/RS232 serial port.
 In this test, 1080P/i video was easily streamed back to the receiving end without any mosaic.

SG-FDD20W duplex IP transmitter adopts the latest cofdm modulation of Shenzhen Safe Guard(SFGT), and FDD(frequency division duplexing) technology. The downlink and uplink frequency of SG-FDD20W Ethernet IP transceiver are adjustable and customized to meet different countries’ users’ requirements.
Integrated with Ethernet port, the SG-FDD20W is suitable to connect any IP-based devices, like IP camera, computer, etc..to achieve microwave wireless IP video or other data transmission and communication. There is also with serial ports, RS232 with TTL protocol for remote wireless radio link.

Second test---1W handheld IP MESH SG-MESH-2

The second test is the 2pcs of 1W handheld IP MESH from ground to building.
 With 2pcs of 12 dBi Yagi antennas in the front end, and 2pcs of 5dBi Omni whip antennas, it realized near 13km two way voice data communication, and topology mesh networking. 
The handhelp IP MESH is designed for police/military tactical soldiers in group work application, with walkie talkie, GPS, WIFI, video streaming, data transmission function. It's friendly operation in configuration and monitoring with software operation in computer.

SG-MESH-2 is a handheld miniature IP MESH in military grade level. Designed with a detachable twist lock battery, and PTT (Push-to-Talk) function, the SG-MESH-2 is perfect for outdoor carrying mission for IP video surveillance feeding back to the command center and voice communication with other mission MESH carriers.