Onsite test of 3.0 Version IP-based device

A long range onsite test for SFGT’s latest 3.0 version wireless IP based products have been conducted in Huizhou successfully on 13 Nov. 2021.

Date Test device Device description RF Power Test site
13rd Nov.
3.0 Version of COFDM FDD vehicle mounted video transmission system
Daya Bay---Xunliao Bay
SFGT-MS0101BW 3.0 Version of handheld IP MESH transmission system 1W*1W Golden beach---Xunliao Bay

1. SFGT-FD020VM-Product Introduction
The 3rd generation FDD two-way network video transmission system has achieved a more high speed data transfer since its upgraded high linearity mainboard, also the spectrum utilization and system capacity has been improved greatly.
Integrated with Ethernet port, the SFGT-FD020VM is suitable to connect any IP-based devices, like IP camera, computer, etc..to achieve microwave wireless IP video or other data transmission and communication. There is also with serial ports, two RJ45 network ports and PTT bidirectional voice intercom ports for remote wireless radio link,meanwhile a data port and a voice control port has been added on.


TX Front end
RX Receiving end

-Test Result
Model SFGT-FD020VM
Uplink 690MHz
Downlink 625MHz
RF Power -7dBm=30w
Bandwidth 4M 8M
TX Antenna 9.8dBi vehicle sucker antenna
RX Antenna 13dBi FRP antenna
Transmission Range From ground to roof transmission: 30km
Achievement 30km LOS high quality video stream,voice data communication smoothly

2. SFGT-MS0101BW-Product Introduction


SFGT-MS0101BW is a handheld miniature IP MESH in military grade level,able to automatically select the best route. Self-organizing, Self-healing, and it can automatically implement network topology such as chain and star. On the original basis of high performance such as anti-interference and confidentiality,Safe Guard has upgraded its mainboard to version 3.0 with 3GPP protocol,which makes it more exploded with its networking capacity and reaching to a more stable efficient longer range transmission communication.

TX Front end

RX Receiving end


-Test result
Model Handheld IP MESH
Frequency 1400MHZ(frequency hopping)
Rx/Tx Power 31dBm=1.3w
Bandwidth 10M
TX Antenna 5dBi Omni gooseneck antenna
RX Antenna 5dBi Omni gooseneck antenna
Transmission Range From ground to building:13.47km
Achievement High quality IP video communication and clear voice talking,implement of network topology

The test result shows that the upgraded system has a significant improvement no matter in transmission range or data stream or anti-interference ability comparing to the version 2.0.
We will never stop our way of innovation and strive to make better products to serve our esteem clients.