Mobile video wireless communication

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I.HD COFDM Transmitting Board

NameHD transmitter board
Special Features:COFDM modulation;
1080P HD transmitter board;
H.264 video compression;
HDMI/HD-SDI and BNC ports;
Low power consumption;
0dBm rf power output;
300-900MHz(available), can customize other frequency

H.264 COFDM HD wireless video transmitter module with its small volume and low power consumption and H.264 compression encoding, COFDM modulation, highly integrated embedded design ,single-chip digital modulation processing technology and ultra-linear digital pre-distortion (Digital Predistortion) RF design,which  combine digital capture, encoding, modulation and full-band RF output in one that  fully support HD1080P HD transmission. For hd digital live broadcast, defense, public security, armed police, security and other areas of applications, SK-350 excellent design can help you more convenient and efficient completion of COFDM standard hd wireless video transmission equipment.


ModelHD COFDM modulation board
Work voltageDC12V
Work current400mA
Video inputCVBS:Support D1 SD resolution
HDMI:support HD1080P、720P、576、480
SDI:Support HD1080P、720P、576、480,With audio de-embedding
RF interfaceSMA

300~900MHz(step 1MHz adjustable),Optional International Edition、

support 138MHz~4.2GHz Output

Output power-30dBm~0dBm(step 1dB adjustable)
ModulationCOFDM , 2K
Video CompressionH.264

Parameters control  


Through the LCD control panel can set up related parameters

II.HD COFDM Receiving Board


HD/SD COFDM receiver board


Special Features:

COFDM modulation
AES128/256bits encryption
support HD1080P  720P  576P
Bandwidth:2/2.5/4/8MHz adjustable
BNC,HDMI interfaces
200-900MHz (available),custom made other band


Hd receiver board of the motherboard connection

1. HD video output
2. SD video output
3. audio/left and right sound channel output
4. Receiver board Power supply input
5. External control panel port:External FM control panel jack
6. J1: Receiver board’s receiving main antenna.(SMA)
7. J2:Receiver board’s auxiliary antenna (SMA)

FM board

⑴ LED panel:FM board’s parameter display
⑵External motherboard port:externally connected to the jack of the receiver motherboard(3.3V,GND,RX,TX correspond to above picture ⑤ one by one )

⑶ Control Keys:HD FM board parameters control keys(Up, down, left, right, OK)

HD receiver board description:

First connect the antenna to the AV cables ,and then all the accessories connected well. After power on,the transmitter LED display flash a few times, then become stable.     Long Press 2 seconds to access the "Menu" ,then where the place need to be changed will become to deep  black.Via pressing the up and down keys to adjust the figures.After finish it,long press the Menu 1.5S to access locking and stability.Display as following :     A)"State" stand for the strength of received signal,the greater the percentage, the stronger the signal;"Freq" is the HD receiver receive frequency point."Band" is bandwidth,there are 2M,2.5M,4M and 8M for your optional; HD is commonly 4M."PoE" and "AES" are encryption Status;OFF means “NO”,ON means “YES”。   right circularly.You can move the cursor to the place where you want to modify through the key.It will be in flashing status,then you can modify or select the correct parameter by using the UP or DOWN keys.When the cursor moved to the last one of right side,long press the menu(LEFT_RIGHT) 2 seconds,then it will save the current correct parameters.After then it will be keep constant state,no longer flashing.The increase and decrese keys can modify or select the figures.

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